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On the 21st of March 2024 at 10 a.m.

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Lot101 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot101 in DetailMihaly Zichy (1827 – 1906) - Attributed, Cain and Abel, black chalk with watercolour on paper, damages, signed bottom right, framed under glass, 44 x 34 cm.

80 - 160 EUR

Lot102 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot102 in DetailPierre Le Gros (1666-1719) - Follower, four female marble statues of the four seasons, sculpted white marble on integrated bases, 80 cm high.

900 - 1800 EUR

Lot103 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot103 in DetailLeopold Stoll (born 180), still life with birds and fruits, oil on canvas, laid down on board, signed bottom right, framed, 28 x 38 cm.

100 - 200 EUR

Lot104 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot104 in DetailFüß – Feet Graphic, colour lithography on paper, mid of 19th century, 23 x 30 cm.

20 - 40 EUR

Lot105 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot105 in DetailAlbrecht Adam (1786-1862)- Attibuted, horses in landscape, oil on canvas, signed and probably dated down left, framed, 58 x 85 cm.

280 - 560 EUR

Lot106 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot106 in DetailGrand Tour Model of Tempio di Cesare, sculpted in Gallo di Siena marble on grey marble base, 19th century.

70 - 140 EUR

Lot107 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot107 in DetailAdriaan Vrolijk (1834-1862) - Attributed, Dutch landscape with cows, oil on canvas, framed, 50 x 70 cm.

100 - 200 EUR

Lot108 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot108 in DetailPaperweight, Upper Austrian granite plate, canted with fluted steal cutted mounts, Austrian around 1830, with gilded etching of German Emperor Wilhelm II 1859-1941, 10 x 15 cm.

50 - 100 EUR

Lot109 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot109 in DetailEsteban Villanueva (1851-1920) - Attributed, pair of fruit still lifes, oil on board, framed, a pair, 15 x 23 cm, signed.

400 - 800 EUR

Lot110 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot110 in DetailVienna Porcelain Tray, octagonal shape upstanding margin, classical painted and gilded ornaments, in the centre painted scene with Diana, signed J.H. Auheim 19th century, 24,5 x 32,5. cm

60 - 120 EUR

Lot111 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot111 in DetailEugenio Lucas Vilaamil (1858-1918) - Attributed, coastal scene, oil on canvas, signed bottom left, framed, 40 x 31 cm.

220 - 440 EUR

Lot112 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot112 in DetailVienna Porcelain Dish, classical painted and gilded design, in the centre allegorical scene, glazed, diameter 27 cm, 19th century.

40 - 80 EUR

Lot113 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot113 in DetailGerman Artist mid of 19th Century, children dancing by a violin player in landscape, watercolour on paper, described on the bottom R.Thienemann and numbered (probably a design for the Thienemann Publishing House for children books), 26,5 x 33 cm.

100 - 200 EUR

Lot114 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot114 in DetailVienna Porcelain Dish, classical painted and gilded design, in the centre allegorical scene, glazed, diameter 27 cm, 19th century.

40 - 80 EUR

Lot115 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot115 in DetailFrancois Diday (1802-1877) - Attributed, landscape with valley and farmers in the mountains, oil on canvas, 52 x 65 cm.

140 - 280 EUR

Lot116 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot116 in DetailBiedermeier Feet Support, walnut with arch intarsias in wave shape, ebonized feet, polstered top, Austrian around 1830, 35 x 26 cm.

20 - 40 EUR

Lot117 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot117 in DetailArtist 19th Century, Maria with child in oval, oil on canvas, framed, 60 x 48 cm.

80 - 160 EUR

Lot118 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot118 in DetailLadies Mirror, with two columns turned on rectangular base with one drawer, mirror adjustable, rosewood with richly engraved bronze intarsias, damages, French mid of 19th century, 39 x 24 x 44 cm.

120 - 240 EUR

Lot119 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot119 in DetailFour Monumental Busts of Roman Emperors, Octavianus Augustus (63 b.C – 14 a.C), Tiberius (42 b.C – 37 a.C.), in different ages of life with toga and laurel leafs, multicoloured sculpted marble, partly in half relief technique on integrated bases, four items, hand sculpted, small chips, between 96 and 98 cm high.

3600 - 7200 EUR

Lot120 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot120 in DetailRev Leander Artist 19th Century, girl portrait, oil on canvas, signed and dated bottom right, 65 x 50 cm.

100 - 200 EUR