New Sale: Art and Antiques

26th of September 2023 at 10 a.m. - Live without public

Viewing on 21st, 22nd and 25th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.



Lot101 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot101 in DetailView of Budapest, colour lithography on paper by Artaria Vienna , framed under glass , around 1900. 40x50 cm

20-40 EUR

Lot102 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot102 in DetailAustrian Sculpture early 18th Century, Male saint in sitting position , wood carved with original colours and gild , parts missing , probably Tyrol . 75 cm long

150-300 EUR

Lot103 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot103 in DetailPhilipp Ferdinand de Hamilton ( 1664-1750 ) - attributed, Hare in the fall , oil on canvas, framed. 75X60 cm

350-700 EUR

Lot104 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot104 in DetailGerman around 1700, copper relief of the entombment , chased original patina . 37,5x29 cm

150-300 EUR

Lot105 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot105 in DetailPaolo Monaldi ( 1710-1779)- attributed, Feasting in landscape , oil on canvas in a carved 18th Century , framed. 38X45 cm

280-560 EUR

Lot106 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot106 in DetailClassical Artist 19th Century, Cleopatra oil on metal in a classicistic frame . 15X12 cm

80-160 EUR

Lot107 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot107 in DetailDirck Hals (1591-1656)-school,, Feasting Company in Dutch interior , oil on canvas, framed. 55X70 cm

360-720 EUR

Lot108 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot108 in DetailFriedrich Gauermann ( 1807-1862)- attributed, Landscape with traveller , oil on canvas, monogrammed bottom right in a carved and gilded collector frame . 40X28 cm

260-520 EUR

Lot109 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot109 in DetailMontelupo ceramic dish, Dancing couple in landscape , multicoloured painted , glazed , damages, 17th Century . 38,5 cm diameter

80-160 EUR

Lot110 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot110 in DetailAustrian artist first half 19th Century, Girl holding an apple , oil on canvas in period frame . 35X27 cm

180-360 EUR

Lot111 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot111 in DetailDeruta ceramic dish, Round shape with deeper centre with ladies portrait , description and ornamental decorations, painting in multicolours , glazed . 46 cm diameter

180-360 EUR

Lot112 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot112 in DetailPierre Paul Prudhon ( 1758-1823) -attributed, Nude in landscape , oil on canvas,. 44X55 cm

220-440 EUR

Lot113 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot113 in DetailPair of Vienna porcelain dishes , with painted chinese decorations , glazed , blue Vienna manufacture sign , painter and creater number around 1800. 24 cm diameter

180-360 EUR

Lot114 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot114 in DetailOttoman Artist early 19th Century, Scene from the entrance of a turkish spa , oil on canvas. 38X62,5 cm

140-280 EUR

Lot115 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot115 in DetailGerman Porcelain Salver, Tray in oval shape with side grips and side sections , painted with birds in the centre family scene in the village , glazed the under side marked VP , 18/19th Century . 44X33,5 cm

180-360 EUR

Lot116 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot116 in DetailVinzenz Fischer (1729-1810)- attributed, Italian landscape with artist and monuments , oil on canvas. 40X60 cm

450-900 EUR

Lot117 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot117 in DetailAntonio Stradivarius (1644-1737) – Portrait, in his workshop holding a violin , oil on board , on the reverse old description and collection markt of A.Curti , framed . 36X28 cm

400-800 EUR

Lot118 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot118 in DetailItalian or French Artist early 19. Century , Cleopatra , oil on board , framed. 60X45 cm

400-800 EUR

Lot119 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot119 in DetailBenno Adam (1812-1892)- attributed, Animal hunt in the alps , oil on canvas, signed bottom left dated 1867, framed . 45X60 cm

120-240 EUR

Lot120 Detail

DEUTSCH AUCTIONEERS Lot120 in DetailEnglish Artist late 18th Century, Portrait of a gentleman holding his hand on books, oil on canvas. 76X63 cm

180-360 EUR